What Makes a Netbook Or a Laptop The Right Choice?

Many People wonder what is the difference between laptops and netbooks or if there is any difference at all adjustable couch computer table. Because they both do look similar and are both capable of completing the same tasks. Well laptops and netbooks are different. There are a lot of debates regarding netbook versus laptop. Netbooks are an evolution from laptops just as Laptops are an evolution from desktops. Laptops are miniaturized and compact versions of a desktop and netbooks too are smaller in size and weigh less than laptops.

Laptops bought ease of use and mobility to computers like never before. Earlier we could use a computer only when we were either at work or at home at our desks. We could not imagine lugging these huge machines around with us. Due to this factor computers could not be deployed in the field either where their use was required. Laptops changed that now you could fold your computer just like you could close a notepad and carry it around with you. You also did not need to plug it into a wall power outlet at all times. This meant laptops could be used outdoors in classrooms,cafes, parks and project sites where they were needed. A laptop was in no means a downgrade or a lower version of the desktop it was aimed and actually went on to became a replacement for desktops in most cases.

Netbooks were manufactured because of demand for smaller and more mobile computers than laptops. That is what a netbook actually is; it is smaller, lighter and more mobile version of a laptop. With the increase usage of the internet to the point where consumers turned on their laptops just to access the internet most of time, led to the idea of a netbook. A netbook just as its name suggests is meant to be used to access the internet on the go. Some people still find laptops too big and heavy to be carried around and it is true you would not be able to carry your laptop around unless you have your backpack or the laptop carry bag.

Netbooks come in a screen size ranging from 7 to 10 inches which is not so good to watch movies but is good to browse the internet. They have smaller track pad and a smaller albeit full keyboard. They do not have a disk drive which is to save battery life as they usually have a 3 cell battery. They do have basic versions of productivity software and the operating system too is a basic version which is targeted for ease of internet usage. With most netbooks you can access internet without booting up to the desktop. They have built in Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth so that you can access the internet anywhere you are. With the launch of Google Chrome OS and cloud computing, the advantages of a netbook over a laptop has increased tremendously.
Most people think of a netbook versus laptop which will make laptop obsolete. Which is not completely true. If it was meant to be a replacement for laptop it would have identical if not better processing power, memory and storage space. Also with CD’s, DVD’s and Blu ray discs still around for many years to come they would have included a compact cd drive in netbooks. A netbook versus laptop was targeted for mobility and ease of access of the internet.

So depending on your requirements you could either chose a laptop or a netbook and answer your choice between netbook versus laptop debates.

Written by Ilse in misc on Tue 06 December 2016.