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If you can believe it, I’m actually quite nervous to write this next post. influencer marketing I’m nervous because, I hope that my feature post here can do justice to this amazing source. At first when I found A Cup of Jo, I didn’t have many lifestyle blogs in my repertoire and I thought it was extremely well put together so I started following. Turns out, Joanna Goddard (great name by the way ) is a mega experienced, mega talented, freelance magazine writer turned full time blogger. I won’t even begin to tell you about her history because she does it much better herself, check out her path on the way to full time blogging here.

A Cup of Jo was founded in January 2007 making it just over 6 years old and you can really tell what 6 years of dedication looks like via this blog. She gets 1 million unique page visits per month so maybe many of you reading this already know about A Cup of Jo and if you don’t, all the better, I’m quite sure (depending on your interests) it will be something you start following today. I think her success can largely be attributed to her dedication and persistence, you can read about her working schedule here.

The main categories of focus on the site include: Fashion & Beauty, Home & Design, Food & Drink, Travel & NYC, Weddings & Relationships, & Motherhood. She works out of her apartment in NYC where she lives with her husband, toddler and baby. Her family life and children do play a big role in her blog which brings me to the person I’m dedicating this post to, my sister, who’s due to have her first baby (the first baby in my family!) in just over a month (read -bursting with excitement!!!-). Today for the analysis portion of the feature I’ll focus in on the Motherhood section of A Cup of Jo so it can be useful and informative for my sister.

Motherhood Mondays on Finding Balance

I really appreciate the raw and honest material produced on this blog and the writer’s ability to share very personal experiences while keeping the tone inclusive of her followers and engaging. Entries on post-partum depression, what’s surprising about breastfeeding, the beautiful post on 5 beautiful motherhood tips, finding balance, and her entire series on balance including great interviews with real life moms just like this one on a State of California law attorney / mom .

Then there’s also lots of cool creative stuff like this post on the genius tshirt, this one on frozen yogurt for toddlers, this one on NYC plushes and much much more. Seriously I could go on forever about the cool stuff on this blog. And I’m only in the Motherhood section…

Special for you, my sister, she also featured one post on The Best Book for Mothers-To-Be that is on its way to your house now! A belated baby shower gift from me to you. Hope it helps you in the hot summer days when you’re struggling with that big baby belly (read -primary obstacle to sleeping, reason I’ve said goodbye to shoes that need to be tied and pretty much everything that requires me to bend over… etc.) Check out the comments on that post as well for other great expecting mom books. There are 163 comments so there’s bound to be some great stuff in there . Also for you, my sister, here’s a Pregnancy Survival Guide that I thought was really well put together, hopefully you find some good information there too!

Joanna just started a great series on Motherhood Around the World where she literally interviews moms around the world to learn about the parenting style, cultural differences and expectations of children and life in different places. I just read the last one from a mom in Norway and although I don’t have any children myself, I’m excited to see the coming posts from other countries around the world!

10 Surprising Things About Raising Kids in Norway Post

The posts on this blog are light and entertaining, likely mirroring Joanna’s magazine writing style. For some time my brother-in-law has been telling me to start writing some light stuff as well and posting about myself, “take some pictures, put them on instagram and tell people about your own life.” I keep hesitating because my blog is not about me… but seeing the way that Joanna Goddard has reached such a wonderful balance between sharing her personal life and creating an extremely useful and relevant site/community I might just give it a try soon.

ACS Opinion: This blog is a great example of what to do to keep your readers engaged. Joanna is quite consistent posting daily if not more frequently, she has Weekly Giveaway Wednesday’s and a direct contact email for feedback or otherwise. She develops a relationship with her readers as they follow her journey through life. Considering the format I really like the rolling favourites box that is always sitting on the right of the page so newcomers can familiarize themselves with Joanna’s hub. The intelligent recommendations panel below each post is also great suggesting similar posts to the reader based on the post he/she is currently reading. I hope to do a later post on how to enable all these functionalities on your own blog so stay tuned. Finally I had to add in this post that Joanna did on blogging as a career. Excellently written I hope that all my readers can use this for inspiration in crafting out their own blogging career if they wish.

Voila I have literally just scratched the tip of the iceberg with this amazing blog. I hope you explore the other parts of Joanna’s blog and benefit from all the great info (check out smart tips I loved this post and will be trying my own salad dressings soon).

For my sister: “A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.” Author Unknown

Written by Ilse in misc on Fri 06 January 2017.