How Do i Choose Ultrasurf Or ToR?

Ultrasurf is a piece of very aggressively maintained and updated software designed to circumvent Internet censorship. It was developed initially to help citizens inside China reach the many websites outside China that are blocked by the communist regime. It has found widespread popularity in other countries that impose Internet censorship such as Iran, Syria, Egypt and more.

Ultrasurf is an Anti-Censorship Software Tool

Ultrasurf’s primary purpose is to connect Internet users to news, religious and social networking sites that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Ultrasurf finds its way around all types of firewalls, be they government or corporate imposed. Ultrasurf makes the connections while at the same time keeping users’ locations untraceable to secret police and others who may want to track them down.

Ultrasurf is truly “Internet freedom software” inasmuch as it provides secure Internet access to repressed citizens around the world.

If you need to get past firewalls to access sites that are blocked to you now, Ultrasurf is the perfect free tool to meet your needs.

Tor is a High-Privacy Software Tool

If you, on the other hand, live in a free country already, and your needs are to obtain complete anonymity for your web browsing habits, Tor may be a better choice for you. Tor’s reason for being is to provide users with complete anonymity, as opposed to the anti-censorship philosophy embraced by Ultrasurf.

For example, if you are trying to cover up your tracks so that you can visit sketchy porn or gambling sites, Tor is definitely a better choice. Ultrasurf serves a far broader audience-those who are denied basic personal freedoms but need to connect to the outside world and social media-and saves bandwidth costs by filtering access to porn and “offensive” material. filehippo ultrasurf

Ultrareach, the maker of Ultrasurf, said in a recent release: “Ultrareach’s primary objectives are to support users who need access to news, political information, religious information, social networks, etc. We believe that this is the core function of Internet Freedom software—to advance the free flow of information for the betterment of individuals and societies.”

Tor, in contrast, has a different design philosophy, and attempts to offer equal access to all sorts of material.

If Tor sounds like it may be right for you, check it out here.

Or you can download Ultrasurf here (latest version). It runs on Internet Explorer automatically. If you use Firefox, get the Ultrasurf Firefox plugin here.

So that’s the story about Ultrasurf vs Tor. Both are free, both have large followings, and one of them may just be the ticket for you! The difference is in philosophy and the specific needs of the target market.


Written by Ilse in misc on Fri 03 February 2017.